Hello, I'm Eve.

I'm known for my craft, versatility, and intestinal fortitude. 

I was born in the year of ginkgo biloba

I used to wait on tables, live by the sea, wear wigs; not at the same time. 

I want to do good, sleep in, and go to Mexico. 

I don’t want to live too long, wear dentures, or exercise. 

I like Mao Shan Wang, recurring dreams, and centaurs. 

I dislike small talk and things that lift my feet off the ground.

I have a quiet unshowy confidence and a sweet tooth. 

I don’t have an attitude, high heels, or parenting skills. 

I can be funny, make cheesecake, and tell the truth. 

I can’t speak Chinese, gut a fish, or talk in toilets. 

I'm scared of theme parks, cockroaches, and that we might stop dying. 

I'm not afraid of elbow grease, relocation, or Sichuan peppercorn. 

I can be contacted for collabs, steak dinners, and greener pastures.

According to 16Personalities, I am an INFJ–A. 

This just means I won’t change the world. 

At work, I follow the Gyshido method of getting shit done.

I’m also pragmatic, independent, decisive, humble, and unflappable. 

But the good words that describe my personality can also be bad words, depending on what's trending.

If I'm the kind of person you're looking for, do connect with me on Linkedin.

I'm currently uncovering history through art, artefact and science with Harvard University on edX,

watching Cantonese opera performed in infographics,

learning from a toddler how to cook butter chicken,

and looking for a great place to work.

Last updated Dec 2020