Standard Chartered – Good Enough Will Never Change The World #brandwork

With a single tusk going for $100,000, elephants are worth more dead than alive. And as long as there’s money to be made, criminal syndicates will continue to kill elephants for their tusks and abuse the financial system to launder the proceeds. What’s a bank got to do with it? We work with the authorities to track funds and share intel that can help shut down the ivory trade, and save the lives of thousands of elephants.

About the campaign – Good Enough Will Never Change The World

To make things Better, we challenge the things that aren't good enough. Like wildlife going extinct because of the money to be made. More and more people outliving their savings. And money-making industries that endanger the lives of workers. All the things that are not good enough. 

We think it’s time for the financial sector to act, and we’ve decided to be the ones to take the first step. To block money laundering by wildlife syndicates. To help people make better financial decisions earlier so they can prepare for a longer life. And to change how things are done in shipbreaking and other sensitive industries by making higher safety standards a condition for securing finance. 

Because we’re not here for good enough. We’re Standard Chartered, and we’re Here for good.

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