John Fawcett Foundation & Affordable Art Fair – Virtual Cataract #creativetech

We let artists see what it’s like to be blind, and then we put that blindness on canvas.

Using augmented reality, we created a cataract simulator that reduced light, colour saturation, focus, and depth perception to mimic the condition of cataract.

The result was Catarart, art made with virtual cataracts, which we exhibited alongside major art galleries at the Affordable Art Fair.

The story of Catarart opened the eyes of the public to the plight of cataract patients in the impoverished villages of Java.

The funds we raised from the sale of Catarart enabled the foundation to

• custom-make 20 prosthetic eyes
• provide 1,395 pairs of eyeglasses
• screen 1,868 people for cataracts, and
• perform surgeries on 222 people, restoring their sight and enabling them to return to work so they can support themselves and their families, and break out from the cycle of poverty.   

In the news

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